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How YOU Can Increase B2B Sales and Profits in 90-Days or Less: Gets you more profits with fewer resources is less time

How YOU Can Increase B2B Sales and Profits in 90-Days or Less: Gets you more profits with fewer resources is less time

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Are you ready to earn more now? This book represents an easy to follow system any business-to-business selling professional, marketer, or entrepreneur can use to get bigger commission checks and have more free time, even in this economy!With this plan you'll never again fear being locked out by some good ole' boys network because you'll reach decision makers easily. Instead, cultivate low hanging fruit where choice buyers literally come to you. Works for all commercial technical services from electrical contractors, network installers, security installers, computer integrators, and many more. Why be left out?Book includes many free gifts that help you use this plan to put money in your pocket -- rather than just dreaming about finally earning decent money in sales -- you'll be a sales producing power house. Stop wasting time and money doing B2B selling the hard way.Discover the 16 myths that keep you from extracting high quality buyers out of even depressed markets. Double closing ratios without foolish gimmicks that annoy buyers -- instead boost production in three easy steps. Finally remove limiting beliefs that have kept you from bankable sales results.WARNING: Your sales manager will hate everything about this book. Especially since it reveals the fact about how disposable your company may believe outside sales people really are. Contrary to all the advice well meaning managers push -- you can sell in a way that gives you choice and independence in your personal bottom line.Written over a number of years from hard earned experiences of an selling professional who has hired commercial contractors, who made these mistakes, and who consulted for companies who profited from these step-by-step instructions. When social media and internet marketing is gone, the principles in the book will still be making you money.If you invest in this book to further your sales and marketing education, and for any reason you don't make 100 times that investment -- the publisher will buy back the book for someone willing to profit from even the smallest effort required to do what is presented. Do you have the courage to accept this challenge for your future financial security?