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Emergency Public Relations: Crisis Management in A 3.0 World

Emergency Public Relations: Crisis Management in A 3.0 World

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The great economic downturn; tumultuous weather patterns; Ponzi schemes; Occupy protests; political uncertainty; flash mobs and mall melees make daily headlines. When you hear about catastrophic news, do you ever think about how an unanticipated event might affect your business? As you know from the classic Boy Scout mantra, it is always best to be prepared. This quick read teaches you the art and science of crisis management and rapid response to PR emergencies. A review from Andrew Scott, Grammy Nominated Producer/Songwriter, Owner of ASA Public Relations: "Bold, tenacious, and downright in-your-face. Alan B. Bernstein and Cindy Rakowitz create a masterpiece in public relations management with the latest edition of 'Emergency Public Relations: Crisis Management in a 3.0 World'. A bible for service professionals, this book tackles all angles of crisis management from brand salvaging to social media handling. A must-read for publicists, marketing professionals, service providers, and business owners..."