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Sell! with LinkedIn: Disruptive strategies for selling business to business

Sell! with LinkedIn: Disruptive strategies for selling business to business

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This book explains the disruption of the sales practices that Linkedin is enabling. It describes an strategic approach to selling your services or products to the over 200 Million potential users of LinkedIn. With this book you'll understand how to use Linkedin and some revolutionary techniques to achieve a strategic objective: Sell! If you are a sales professional, then you really need this Revolutionary book. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn disruptive techniques. You’ll learn what the Active Sales Circle Strategy is and see how it is applied to Linkedin, using the three techniques that put the strategy to work: The Basic, Advanced and the third one, that I have called The Perfect Sales Circle – THE secret! With this book you will understand the real disruption that Linkedin is creating in the sales industry. You will also have the strategy, techniques and tools to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Pages: 73, 6in x 9in Contents: I. INTRODUCTION II. BUILD A BRAND III. SET YOUR BUSINESS GOAL: SELLING IV. THE STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN V. THE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PLAN P FOR PRODUCT P FOR PLACEMENT P FOR PRICE P FOR PROMOTION VI. THE SOCIAL MEDIA SALES PLAN 1. SET THE REVENUE TARGET 2. EVALUATE A SALES STRATEGY. ACTIVE AND PASSIVE 3. EVALUATE THE SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS 4. RESOURCE INITIATIVES ADEQUATELY 5. DEVELOP A SPECIFIC SALES PLAN FOR EVERY CHANNEL VII. PASSIVE SALES STRATEGIES ON LINKEDIN PASSIVE SALES TECHNIQUES POSITIONING ON GOOGLE: SEO VIII. ACTIVE SALES STRATEGIES ON LINKEDIN BEFORE WE START: YOU NEED A LINKEDIN PREMIUM ACCOUNT THE ACTIVE SALES CIRCLE ACTIVE TECHNIQUE: BASIC OR INDIVIDUAL TARGET ACTIVE TECHNIQUE: ADVANCED OR MASS TARGETING ACTIVE TECHNIQUE: THE PERFECT SALES CIRCLE IX. CONCLUSION: THE REAL DEAL