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Selling on the Extra Mile

Selling on the Extra Mile

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From the back cover: Selling on the Extra Mile is a philosophy, a way of thinking and behaving, that when applied to your business and life will bring you astounding results. If you are a sales professional who gets paid in direct proportion to how well you can sell, this book and the strategies contained within can dramatically increase your income! If you are not directly employed in sales, you are still going to want to read this book, because the fact is everyone must sell. You have to sell yourself in a job interview, sell your ideas to your boss, sell yourself to the opposite sex, sell your supervisor on why you deserve a raise; even if you are an author, the action word in “best selling book” is selling. The reality is that being able to sell, to really sell effectively, can dramatically improve many areas of your life both personally and of course professionally. This book, Selling on the Extra Mile, will give you the understanding and the tools to rapidly propel your career and your life forward, much further then you may have ever dreamed possible.