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Survive to Thrive: A Practical Guide for the New Network Marketer

Survive to Thrive: A Practical Guide for the New Network Marketer

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Creativity in its basic form is a "primoral reaction" associated with the "flight response" of the "instinctive response system" which is used for emergency escape or near death survival situations. This response to extreme or threatening danger is brought out in modern man by "child abuse" psychological abuse, accidents, head traumas, and near death experiences. This is not to say that people with none of these extremes have no creativity. "Will Stephen was a messenger for this Aquarian Age. His concepts will assist you in awakening to your highest creative potential. His philosophy of Concord encompasses the ideals of cooperation within our communities as well as within ourselves, to once again flow with the rhythm of nature. This first book is a three-part series, including thirty-nine black-and-white illustrations. Mr. Stephen's artistic style is layered with multidimensional wisdom, helping to open the reader's mind to many alternative possibilities" WILL STEPHEN, a visionary artist from Manhattan, managed and designed the number one jazz club, Basin Street East, during the 1950s. He did commissioned portraits for many famous people including Frank Sinatra, Robert Wagner, and Natalie Wood. His message is Concord: the cooperation we need for the Aquarian Age.