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Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys

Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys

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Presentation Skills & Public Speaking: Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys: how to overcome your speaking fear and build confidence If, like almost everyone, you're petrified of public speaking, the last thing you want is a lecture! And there lies the brilliance of this unique book's genuinely innovative approach to the issue: Dee Clayton makes the process of overcoming those negative voices in your head (Your 'Public Speaking Monkeys!') and becoming an effective speaker light-hearted and fun! A Godsend for anyone who's ever suffered that dread, Dee's refreshingly simple yet amazingly effective multi-award-winning approach has already helped thousands to overcome their fears and become effective and confident public speakers. Significantly, the author's keenly aware that for most of us, effective public speaking isn't necessarily an end in itself but a means to other ends - for example Dee has already helped company directors to persuade more successfully, doctors to win more funding, mediators to influence international decisions and all kinds of business people to fulfil their potential. What's more, this is a genuinely practical guide! Unlike most 'self help' books on the topic (or any other), this one doesn't just tell you what to do; in her chatty, good-humoured style, Dee explains exactly how, sharing her own experiences and coaxing the reader through a programme that doesn't just work - it even makes public speaking enjoyable! Taming Your Public Speaking Monkeys® works so well because its easy, enjoyable style is underpinned by Dee's solid, real-life experience of speaking publicly to tens of thousands of people - first in her highly successful twenty-year marketing career (communicating for UK household brands such as Jacob's Creek, Pizza Hut and Jammie Dodgers to name but a few) and now as a public speaking training specialist. Equally vitally, the book draws heavily upon the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and insights in which Dee is a highly experienced Trainer and Master Practitioner. Taming your Public Speaking Monkeys® is a rare find: a self-help book that really helps - and best of all the results come to you quickly and stick with youfor life!