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Working in Retail: A Necessary Guide for Survival

Working in Retail: A Necessary Guide for Survival

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The typical large brick-and-mortar retailer invests mega-millions designing, building, and merchandising their stores. Additional millions are spent on advertising and public relations in the effort to get shoppers in through the front door. But when the customers arrive, who assists them with their needs and wants? It’s not the designers or the merchandisers or the CEO: it’s the worker found at the lowest end of the corporate food chain, the hourly salesperson. During the customer service process the salesperson becomes the most important member of the organization. The financial health of the company depends on how well members of the sales staff perform their tasks. If the interaction between the customer and the salesperson doesn’t go well, same-store sales will decline; return on investment will fall short of “street expectations”; and the CEO may wind up mowing lawns for a living. Despite the critically important role of the salesperson however, many retailers are content to give their newbies a day or two of narrowly-focused, task-oriented training then push them out onto the sales floor to deal with customers the best way they know how. While this approach is detrimental to the success of the organization, it severely decreases the survival chances of a new employee. This book has been written around the fundamental premise that the more skilled and knowledgeable you are, the easier your job will be and the longer you’ll survive. This is no less true in the retail business than in any other profession. If you’re considering a job in retail sales, and you’d like to know what to expect and what will be expected of you, make a small investment in yourself and buy this book.