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The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit

The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit

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Sponsorship is a privilege—don't abuse it. When you use sponsorship to build a brand, you are using the most powerful marketing tool you have. Why? Because you have the privilege of connecting with people and building relationships with them through something they have already decided they care about. Get it right and your results will skyrocket. Get it wrong and you could easily damage your brand. This comprehensive manual for corporate sponsorship will guide you through the mindset, strategies, and tactics to develop amazing, best-practice sponsorships that add value to people's event experiences and nurture your connection with those target markets, building preference, loyalty, and advocacy for real impact on your bottom line. This toolkit is packed with straightforward tools, techniques, templates, checklists, and resources—many of which are also provided on the included CD-ROM—to assist novices, seasoned professionals, and senior executives alike in getting the most from their sponsorship investments, doing it cost-effectively, and measuring the results.