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Zen and the Art of Sales: An Eastern Approach to Western Commerce

Zen and the Art of Sales: An Eastern Approach to Western Commerce

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If money is the lifeblood of American commerce, then sales is the heart that pumps that blood. The sales profession offers a number of compelling benefits, the biggest of which is the potential for substantial income. However, sales is not a profession for the faint of heart. Many enter it with optimism and confidence, only to leave, sometimes on their own accord and sometimes not, within their first year. Why? In a word … stress. The kind of stress that comes from pressure, failure, rejection, fear, and an unreliable income. It’s brutal, but it’s the American way. But if the price of success is your peace of mind, what kind of life is that? For centuries, Eastern cultures have developed philosophies that afford contentment and inner peace. These qualities are rare in American society, and even rarer in the sales profession. Until now. Sales guru and ad-man Blake Messer has written a book that actually teaches sales people how to combine American commerce with Eastern philosophies in a way that enhances sales success and quality of life. Blake’s unique combination of sales excellence, communication skills, personal experience, and pursuit of wisdom has equipped him with the knowledge necessary to develop his revolutionary and groundbreaking sales philosophy. Why suffer from fear, fatigue, and frustration if you can succeed at sales without them? The Buddha once said, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” Does happiness and success sound like a journey you are ready to take? The starting point is reading “Zen and the Art of Sales.”