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The Study Of Entrepreneurship, In Spite Of Its Origins In The 19Th Century, Has Been Rather Limited. The Study Of Women Entrepreneurs, In Particular, Is Of A Relatively Recent Origin. It Was Probably Felt That The Contributions Of Women Entrepreneurs To The Economy Were Not Significant Enough To Warrant Independent Study. With The Entry Of Women Into The Economic World, Thing Have Charged. The Boundaries That Hitherto Sharply Defined The Gender Roles Have Lost Their Significance To Some Extent; The Time Has Come To Try And Determine Gender-Based Differences, If Any, In The Entire Process Of Entrepreneurship And Small Business Development. In India, The Study Of Women'S Enterprise Has Long Straddled The Two Perspectives Of Entrepreneurship And Women'S Integration Into The Mainstream Economic Activity. Participation Of Indian Women In Direct Economic Activity Is A Relatively Recent Phenomenon, Except In The Cases Of The Rural And The Urban Poor. Entrepreneurship And Small Business Are Attractive And Practicable For Both Men And Women. Entrepreneurship Is Additionally Attractive To Women, As It Enhances Their Self-Esteem And Personal Freedom, While Offering The Opportunity To Balance Family Life And Work. However, In The Context Of Their Traditional Socialisation, They Have To Resolve Many Personal And Social Issues Before Becoming Entrepreneurs. This Book Is An Attempt To Define The Demographic Profile Of The Typical Middle-Income Urban Woman Entrepreneurs. It Examines The Issue Of Priority Of Their Business.Apart From The Exploration Of The Women Entrepreneurs' Networks And Their Impact On The Business, This Book Has Tried To Assess Their Contributions To Indian Economy. More Than Anything Else, The Book Has Attempted To Bring In A Managerial Rather Than A Sociological Orientation To Their Efforts. It Is Hoped That Book Will Be Of Great Value To Those Who Are Interested In The Study Of Specific Segments Of Entrepreneurs.