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What is Global Marketing for Small Business?: Your Guide to International Business Growth (Volume 1)

What is Global Marketing for Small Business?: Your Guide to International Business Growth (Volume 1)

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What is Global Marketing for Small Business? will show you new Global Marketing strategies, low cost website translation & Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO) techniques, how to handle international payments & taxation, how to make free international phone calls, how to handle international shipping, find international partners, set up a Virtual Franchising™ business model and more! What's this book about? Doing business globally is no longer limited to the large multinational companies with large sales and marketing resources. Technology has leveled the playing field to the point where even the smallest companies can successfully compete globally. Never before in history have small businesses had the potential to reach new international customers as easily and inexpensively as they can today using online communication tools and e-Commerce systems over the Internet. In his latest book global business coach John Weisenberger explains: • How to find the best new international markets for the products you’re currently selling in your home country today. • How to use low cost translation & Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO) techniques to make sure your website attracts the attention of new international customer. • How to manage the risks and challenges of taking international payments and then shipping your products overseas • How to use social networking tools and personal relationships to develop new international distribution channels, new products and more • How to leverage your businesses' Intellectual Property using Virtual Franchising™ licensing strategies that avoid all the legal and regulatory overhead that is often involved with setting up and doing business in other countries • and much, much more Who is this book for? You should read this book if you're a small business owner, general manager, marketing manager, sales manager or anyone else who has ever thought about expanding their business to a broader global market but has been reluctant to do so because of an apprehension and uncertainty about how much effort it really takes to do business globally. In this book John Weisenberger takes a down-to-earth look at three fast and simple international business expansion techniques and their implementation roadmaps that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises can use to tap into high growth global markets around the world. This book should be read by: Information Marketers Diet/Nutrition eBook authors, Relationship/Dating Websites, Internet Marketing Gurus, Home Business/Small Business Startup Advisors... Coaches/Seminar/Workshop Leaders Sports/Athletic Coaches, Personal Development Coaches, Personal Finance Managers, Business Development Coaches... Trainers/Schools/Educational Providers Technical Product Trainers, Animal/Pet Trainers, Language/Math/History Tutors... Real Estate Agents/Brokers Attract overseas owners/investors to your listings Travel Agents/Tour Guides Promote your town/city/country to the growing middle class overseas Small Hotel or Bed & Breakfast Owners Become more visible to overseas travel agents and event planners Specialty Manufacturers and Retailers Sell your products to growing middle class consumers in the BRIC countries. Entrepreneurial ventures And countless other types of small businesses; what’s yours? Regardless of your type of product - be it a tangible manufacturer product or a virtual information product such as a video/audio training course or downloadable software product - this book can show you the way to sell more of what you’re already producing to more people around the world. And who wouldn't want to do that?