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Crossing The Language Barrier In Online Selling: A Business Translation Guide

Crossing The Language Barrier In Online Selling: A Business Translation Guide

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Selling your company's products or services online can be challenging when it is necessary to communicate in a language that is not your own. When dealing with companies or customers in other countries, communication is crucial, and if not done correctly, can ruin your transaction and negatively impact future sales. Some companies use auto responders to make responding to customers a quicker and easier process, while others manually enter the same information. And while these auto responders can be useful to your company, they must use correct language - not just correct vocabulary, but correct idioms - in order to be effective. When it comes to responding in a different language, it is so important to make sure that what you are saying makes sense in that other language. Using translation software is never 100% accurate and can ultimately be detrimental to your company. This guide is not designed to replace in-house translators or translation software, but to supplement them. This guide is user-friendly; quite simply, the most commonly used phrases of the online selling industry are translated accurately. Each of these phrases has been translated into the four most utilized languages in today's world marketplace: English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. From novice to expert, you can simply cut and paste these translations to ensure that all of your company's correspondences will be precise and easy to understand. This guide was created with you, the international seller, in mind.