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Make a Fortune Selling to Women

Make a Fortune Selling to Women

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Want to Close The Deal? Want to Make The Sale? Want to Retain More Customers? Are you selling to the dominant economic force in the country? There are 190 million of them in the U.S. alone. They have $4.4 trillion in collective buying power. They purchase 85% of all products and services, and they influence most of the rest of the purchases. They are responsible for 85% of the checks written. Forty-seven percent of them are stockholders. Who are they? Women. In Make a Fortune Selling to Women, Connie Podesta combines psychology and sales tactics to create a how-to guide for how to sell to women and how to market to women. "In Connie Podesta's book, you'll not only learn strategies, you'll learn them from an expert. Buy it, read it, and bank it."-Jeffrey Gitomer, bestselling author of The Little Red Book of Selling and The Sales Bible With a lively voice and no-nonsense tone that both men and women will appreciate, Podesta offers specific tips for overcoming the big five Deal Breakers: #1 : She doesn't want to play the game #2: She doesn't think the salesperson views her as a legitimate decision maker #3 : She doesn't like the salesperson #4 : She doesn't trust the salesperson #5 : She doesn't think the salesperson is the right person for the job Riddled with revealing anecdotes, Make a Fortune Selling to Women describes the male and female approach to the buying experience--without being condescending to either gender. And both salesmen and saleswomen will rely on this book to help them secure more sales with women. Discover exactly the right approach when selling to women and use it to close the deal. "It takes a person like Connie to get straight to the point about selling to women customers! Her perspective is just what's needed in our industry to drive home the fact that the selling process to women is DIFFERENT, and as the results can be highly profitable for those who GET it! Every person in the industry, from sales to service, should read this book and test how well their current selling strategies to women buyers line up." - Marina Shoemaker, Director - General Motors Women's Retail Network Do You Know Want Women Want? Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior and sales strategies, will give you a realistic and insightful view into a woman's mind from the moment the sales relationship begins. She teaches you how to market to women and to CLOSE THE DEAL every time. Connie Podesta has helped tens of thousands of salespeople attract and keep more customers plus become more successful than they thought possible. And the really good news? You'll also learn new information about how to understand the psychology of selling to men as well! Buy Make a Fortune Selling to Women now and learn exactly how to sell to women.