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Managing the Sales Process: Six Steps to Sales Organization Success

Managing the Sales Process: Six Steps to Sales Organization Success

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Sales Management is not easy, but it can be a lot more simple!There is a point of convergence in sales management that is worth seeking. Attempting to manage CRM, metrics, hiring, firing, compensation, coaching, motivation, training, forecasting and your sales pipeline without an effective sales process to hold it all together can be difficult and frustrating.It just doesn't need to be that hard!Managing the Sales Process is the second book from international sales consultant and entrepreneur David Masover. His first book, Mastering Your Sales Process, helps salespeople and sales managers develop a winning sales process. This second book goes a step further and shows sales managers how to manage their sales organization and the people in it using Masover's simple but powerful six step model.In this practical, tactical, hands-on book, you will learn:How to defy the limitations of the 80/20 ruleHow to look for the right attributes and skills in the salespeople you want to hireHow to develop a sales process that works for you and your teamHow to use that sales process to manage and motivate your teamHow and why to hold salespeople accountable for their resultsHow and why you should be continuously recruiting, and growingTo reach any destination, you can travel with or without a map. (NOTE: It is much easier with the map!)The sales process based management system you will learn from this book will give you a clear, easy to build and easy to follow map for sales and sales management success.