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Tweak Your Flash

Tweak Your Flash

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You want a different perspective on old ideas. You re open to a new way of thinking about your business, and you d like to be creatively provoked. Perhaps you ve hit a roadblock in your communications, or you want something entertaining but relevant to help you see your career through another lens. Tweak Your Flash is simply about perspective; viewing your surroundings from a different angle will uncover nuances that otherwise go unnoticed. Looking at how a bird approaches a landing, or why a day with a favorite uncle holds such fond memories, can be applied to your professional life and make you more effective and fulfilled in your work.This is a book to be read and used over time; keep it handy, and reference it every now and then. Accepting for a moment that you re not as good at your job as you ll ever be, use these ideas to ensure you re flashing the right message, at the right frequency, to the right people.