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More Than Words: 5,000 Marketing Phrases That Sell

More Than Words: 5,000 Marketing Phrases That Sell

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In today’s world every word has a measurable and emotional impact. Marketing Phrases and Headlines have become the single most powerful marketing tool mankind has ever created. They’re the true lifeblood behind every business ventures on or offline. No matter whether introducing or promoting a brand new product or service, teaching a “How To” skill, building a website, or simply sending an email, smart marketers carefully create psychological phrases that are absolutely crucial to successful sales copy and marketing campaigns. It’s been said, don’t waste your time and resources trying to reinvent the wheel, just find a easier way to push your marketing cart up hills faster, cheaper and more efficient way to control them on there way down. This book includes 5000+ great marketing phrases, for you to study, alter, and personalize for your next email or marketing campaigns. See what experts do and say that can help you produce some amazing results reaping huge rewards from your videos, products and services. More Than Words is a powerful collection of great marketing phrases that can effectively teach you to paint dreams, sell ideas, and market your message. It’s up to you to use these power phrases wisely.