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Social Advertising and Youth

Social Advertising and Youth

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The book Social Advertising and Youth is a full length research based volume covering the impacts of social advertising on youth. Advertising is a fascinating and provocative phenomenon. At the outset it is used by many advertisers for many purposes with many different possible effects. The present book lays emphasis on the holistic side of advertising purely aimed at general welfare often tagged as Social advertising. In the recent times, Indian media is flooded with social advertising waged by different advertisers. Host of social issues are commonly flaunted on various media. Many popular faces belonging to films, sports and television are regularly seen pleading to the populace for adopting or changing to socially desirable behaviour. In spite of using mass media and familiar faces majority of the social advertising fail to make any mark. After careful observation several factors can be attributed for the failure of these social advertisements. The authors have made an attempt in identifying such factors that could aid in making social advertisements effective and capable enough to change or alter the audience s behaviour. Accordingly five such factors viz. celebrity, fear appeals, clutter, medium and repetition were extensively studied for their impact. The focus of the book is on the urban youth which is an important segment of our society and the attempt is to study the impact of social advertising through different dimensions on them. The fascinating revelation of social advertising presented in this book shall elicit interest among students, teachers and academicians. The advertisers, media planners, advertising agencies and media owners involved in the process of advertising can find valuable facets of social advertising which can be utilized to make their social advertising more fruitful. This book shall be a useful reference material to researchers in similar or allied fields as well.