The Heart of Selling:  Making Major Sales

The Heart of Selling: Making Major Sales

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Have you ever wondered how to gracefully sell products, services, and ideas? What is it that pleases customers and grows business? The Heart of Selling: Making Major Sales provides a practical, easy-to-follow process to make major sales. It identifies the force that allows people to connect, and to build ongoing, rewarding business. Engaging, enlightening, and a quick read, this book hits home with real life sales stories - it will make a positive difference in your sales efforts. "The primer itself is an excellent example of how to sell: Hart opens with an attention-getting "hook," presents the benefits of his method while sprinkling in several entertaining tales, uses specific facts and details to back up his claims and then closes by returning to the opening story about how his own method converted this difficult prospect into a loyal customer. A good basic overview of the theory and practice of relationship selling." -Kirkus Reviews