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The Changing American Consumer

The Changing American Consumer

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The beginning of the 21st century witnessed a three-act drama that has changed the face of American life. Act I saw the horror of 9/11 and the nation facing up to the reality of terrorism. In Act II economic life as we knew it collapsed in the financial meltdown of 2008 and the “Lesser Depression” that followed. Now, Act III is unfolding in a new climate of consumer caution, fiscal responsibility, and long-term planning. Businesses can no longer simply create a product and expect to sell it. They must identify the needs and wants of their target market. And then effectively communicate with that market. The Changing American Consumer draws lessons from ongoing survey based analysis of the attitudes, expectations, and intentions of US consumers of all ages and income brackets from BIGinsight.com. This research and analysis reveal the long-term consumer trends that are emerging in the wake of the socio-economic upheaval of the past decade. The lessons drawn will prove vital in assisting companies as they refocus in a changing and uncertain new market.