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The 7 Keys for Building Your Business with Social Media & Mobile: Simple Ways to Get TONS of Customers No Matter the Economy

The 7 Keys for Building Your Business with Social Media & Mobile: Simple Ways to Get TONS of Customers No Matter the Economy

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For too long the only groups benefiting from the Internet have been the small entrepreneur and large corporations. But we now see social media and mobile creating a new era for small and medium sized companies to build their businesses with social media’s “word of mouth” advertising and mobile’s capability for quickly reaching customers. In this book you’ll discover the seven keys any Brick & Mortar business can use to build your business using social media and mobile. The seven keys are: (1) Google Places; (2) YouTube; (3) Facebook; (4) Twitter; (5) Mobile Marketing; (6) QR Codes; and (7) SMS [Text] Marketing. With these tools you can quickly harness the Internet as a local business person and get customers from your area coming to you instead of your competition. The detailed steps, resources and demonstrations show you how to quickly get your business online and gathering local traffic without competing against giant corporations. In this book you’ll discover the easiest ways of putting your business on the Internet and why Google really wants you to succeed with this simple to do method that any business owner can do. How to get your business listed with the three top websites so that new customers can find your business quickly. And the right way to start with Facebook and what you must do before you even consider making a Facebook fan page. Discover how sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are changing the way you build your business and how you can harness these sites to drive your competition into the mud. How you can use YouTube to counter bad reviews from people on sites like Yelp.com. Follow our advice and you’ll get the best positive message online to counter those negative complaints. But do make this one change or else you’ll be sending your customers to your competition. Find out why you must have a mobile friendly website… or else Google is going to penalize you until it hurts. And believe me, Google knows how to hurt you! How this popular technique used on many websites could make your site invisible to most smartphones. It’s an easy fix when you know how. Discover the easy way of sending your special offers to customers that gets opened 95% of the time… and usually within 90 seconds of you sending it. Find out what those QR (Quick Response) codes can do for your business and what your customer expect when you use them. Your customers with smartphones will love decoding your QR messages and it can make a big difference to your sales. You get the list of tools we use to build social media and mobile friendly sites plus a complete Resource List. Plus we include online case studies and demos with easy short links to locate our online material.