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How to Print QR Codes on Promotional Products

How to Print QR Codes on Promotional Products

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Printing QR codes on 3D promotional products is one of the most demanding print jobs you can imagine. It needs to do more than look good. It needs to work! Curves, colors, contrast and surfaces can affect the way a QR code prints. But how do you know what will work and what won’t? In this book on how to print QR codes, we’ll discuss the entire process of printing these checkboard looking barcodes including: * How to Create QR Codes for Printing * 4 Dos and Don’ts for QR Code Artwork * 4 Ways to Measure Effectiveness with QR Tracking * Success Tips for Color, Contrast and Curves * 12 Promotional Products that Should Never be Used with QR Codes * The QR Code Printing Checklist NFC Tags versus QR Codes: Which is Better? * How to Print QR Codes on T Shirts