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I Wrote the Book On It

I Wrote the Book On It

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Let’s face it; the “experts” who get the publicity, fame, credibility and major media exposure are the professionals who’ve published their book. With tens of thousands of competitors in your field, the top 5% have a book that exponentially increases their following and presence in the marketplace. The top 1% have a best-selling book, a public profile, recognizable brand and bankable value. Being an author can catapult your enterprise and reputation onto a national and international platform that will outlast your lifetime. Strategically creating high influence and a broad reach requires not only a book, but also a sophisticated marketing, focused promotion and seamless distribution plan. Like most professionals, however, you’re busy. You’ve no doubt thought dozens of times, “I should write a book.” If only you had the capacity and the time to manage such a large-scale undertaking. You know a book would elevate your business and your brand to rock-star status. But the reality entails… • Endless hours of painstaking writing, revisions and proofing. • Finding and collaborating with an editor for months after the writing is completed. • Managing a dedicated team to deliver your design, layout, proof and PR. • Hiring a team to promote a national marketing campaign. • Allocating several hours every day for months on end, even after your book is published. What if there was a smart alternative? What if you could share your unique life story, philosophy and success strategies through a book that: • Is compelling, unique and highly marketable. • Gets you and your message out to the world effectively. • Is written, published and market-ready in about 100 days. • Has a built-in publishing deal from the start. • Will be distributed on www.amazon.com and dozens of other sites. Using proprietary Bexsi technology, professional journalists and the personalized service from us, YOUR book and a personalized marketing machine can be up and running in just a few weeks. Without disrupting your schedule or investing huge amounts of time, you will overwhelm your competition with your new celebrity status as an author. Your book will provide you with the notoriety you deserve elevating your brand and position light years ahead of your industry competitors. You’ll have authored your very own book with ease, speed and economy.