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Sell Better, Sell Easier, Sell Anything Artfully

Sell Better, Sell Easier, Sell Anything Artfully

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A self-help book for salespeople and sales trainers alike that undercuts other methods and reveals MISSING INGREDIENTS in sales training; presents a uniquely different and proven selling approach, which includes exclusive, practical selling exercises developed by the author. Anyone can learn to sell better and easier in just a few hours and have FUN doing it! Want to know WHY a sales technique works when it does, and WHY NOT when it doesn't? Want to be able to close deals better and easier? Want to read some entertaining sales-success stories? This book is acclaimed by internationally known consultants. Beginners and seasoned professionals use these pages to control their sales prospects and lead them to more closes. This is the basic volume of a three-part series on selling written by salesman, sales trainer and internationally published author, Ronald Joseph Kule. NOTE FOR SALES TRAINERS: Once your sales trainees learn this approach, all other sales techniques will be easier to learn and apply.