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The One-Page Sales Coach: New and Revised

The One-Page Sales Coach: New and Revised

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REVISED AND UPDATED VERSION ALL NEW GRAPHICS to INCREASE RETENTION and PERSONAL ACTION SUMMARY sections after each lesson to help you to more QUICKLY APPLY THE BEST PRACTICES. Let’s start with a question: Who do you need to get a yes from? Hearing a yes from what one person would make all the difference to you, (or your Team), whether personally or professionally? What if you could get to yes faster and more often? This book gives you powerful and simple tools that will help you get that yes faster than ever-- with Personal Action Summary sections after each lesson to help you implement what you learn. The One-Page Sales Coach is a massively distilled summary of the key learning and best practices from Dean Minuto’s twenty years of sales coaching—and the best news is that he delivers it in a guidebook you can read on a short plane ride. You’ll find all of the above framed as six lessons that you can read in ninety minutes and apply immediately. There are hundreds of thousands of books on sales, marketing and influence-- why should you read this one? 11 Reasons Why: • 1 Simple Tool: the four-box One-Page Sales Coach® tool which you can use on the back of a napkin to accelerate your sales process (Lesson 2). • 7 Strategies: that lay out 150 years of research from the decision sciences in ways you can apply today-- any one of which can help you trigger faster decisions (Lesson 4). • 3 Words: that summarize the best marketing books and sales models, and that you can use as a checklist to guarantee that decision makers will listen to your message and be impacted by your message (Lesson 5). Presented as six lessons: Lesson 1 Make a Difference Lesson 2 Make it Simple Lesson 3 Make it Believable Lesson 4 Make it Attractive Lesson 5 Make it Personal Lesson 6 Make it Happen Editorial Review “Every once in a while a book comes along without padding, frills, or too many semi-colons and gets right to the point. The One-Page Sales Coach is like getting the playbook for the Super Bowl Championship before the game and finding out it is only one page long… then winning with that game plan. Dean lays out a readable, step-by-step process to get yes from anyone, anyplace, anytime.” JOHN DAME, VISTAGE CHAIR