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Breakthrough: The Success Guide For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

Breakthrough: The Success Guide For Entrepreneurs And Business Owners

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Had enough with being stalled? Sick and tired of avoiding things that feel overwhelming? Me too! There are plenty of books on increasing your productivity by using kitchen timers and building teams by having people fall out of trees into each others' arms. Large actions and small ones that are all missing the point: We wake each morning to new possibilities, and don't know how to grab them, leverage them, soar with them. If you want to take your inborn gifts and your learned experiences and expertise and use them to make lucrative results and make a difference in your life and the lives of other people you need to make Breakthroughs - in thought and in action, individually and with your teams. This book gives you simple, practical, proven techniques and systems that will solve your overwhelm, help you set your Vision & Goals in life and in business, and then Align Your Efforts to achieve them in ways that have you leaping out of bed looking forward to what you'll create in the world. More than just a tips book, each of the ideas is a Building Block you can put to immediate use. In addition to information that will bend your thinking and habits, you'll find Action Plan pages with each topic that will help you track your "ah ha!"s and commit to implementing them. And create your "New Normal." Record your "Ah Ha!"s and Breakthroughs, then tailor each tool to your needs as you read them and create your - Breakthrough Visions and Goals - Breakthrough Profits Models - Breakthrough Systems - Breakthrough Teams - Breakthrough Support, and more. Discuss them with colleagues, team members, with coaches & partners. Remember, it's not what you know - it's how you think and the action you take that is are source of Breakthroughs!