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In Your Face IRS: Zero Taxes (Volume 1)

In Your Face IRS: Zero Taxes (Volume 1)

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I am not talking here how mega companies shift their revenue to off-shore tax havens. I am also not talking here how billionaires pay hardly 14%-15% of their income in taxes (14%-15% is too much for me). I am talking here how middle class America can pay zero taxes. If you are a farmer/rancher, mom-and-pop store owner, contractor, doctor/lawyer/accountant providing services, small business owner, you should not pay a dime in taxes. Students don?t even have any earning, may be $8-$10 an hour earning from a burger place; taxes are not really an issue for them yet, but ballooning unforgivable student loan is. What I am talking here is that they need not to pay it back. No, don?t hide your income; don?t break any laws. I am in-fact suggesting to follow the law to the letter. IRS can?t do a sh**. IRS doesn?t make laws, they follow laws. Congress makes laws. After reading this book, will congress change laws I am referring to? I challenge them, no, I dare them. If members of the congress even think to touch these laws, they will shoot in their own foot; their own assets will become venerable. . Individual?s act is small but it validates a hypothesis. Once we have proof-of-concept, we can repeat it ? basic scientific principle. I would like to see that all middle class Americans eliminate their taxes.