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F* the Banks! The Zero-Bullshit Guide to Getting out of Debt

F* the Banks! The Zero-Bullshit Guide to Getting out of Debt

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If you had the damned money, you'd have paid it all off by now. I know this. So instead of telling you ways to scrounge up enough money to pay off your debts, I hope to convince you not to pay anything you cannot afford. I want you to keep as much of your stuff as possible while paying as little as possible of your own hard-earned cash. Most books that claim to be about getting out of debt are really just about good old-fashioned financial prudence. This one is not. It's too late for that now. The Great Recession lingers, and even as our global financial institutions sit atop massive piles of taxpayer-funded bailout dollars, the ordinary people of America continue to struggle. Time for your bailout. Here is very simple, very practical, and most importantly a very realistic guide to the American legal process of enforcing debts. I am a debtor's lawyer. This is what I do. Everything in this book comes from personal experience. I have helped hundreds of clients solve every sort of financial problem that people can encounter, and I have packed all of these lessons into this book. If you ever wanted to know things like: • What happens if you don't pay a debt? • How do you fix broken credit? • How can you keep your home from being foreclosed? • What can I do about my student loans? • Can they take my dog? • Is bankruptcy a good idea or a horrible idea? • What if I let the bank foreclose on my home? • Will I ever be able to buy a car again?