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The REAL 999 Plan: Invest 9% Earn 9% Spend 9%

The REAL 999 Plan: Invest 9% Earn 9% Spend 9%

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Invest 9% of your income Earn 9% on your investments Spend 9% of your tax-FREE wealth Create a $2,000,000 tax-FREE account Take $160,000 a year for life at retirement Smart financially independent people realize that they are better off building wealth using the REAL 999 plan to financial freedom. They realize they can do it themselves--saving $3,000 every year in fees, commissions and loads. Over time, the savings can add an extra $500,000 to their tax-FREE wealth. Smart people who work for themselves create wealth by using their businesses to take advantage of tax breaks hidden in the 3.7 million word IRS code. People like Warren Buffett pay only 17% tax on their income because it is from his $39 billions of investments. The assets they own earn at least 9%--doubling their money about every 8 years. Smart people who work for others use a special IRS account I call a "Wealth ReserveTM " that can provide a tax-FREE income source all their lives. This account is their own "lifestyle" security. No matter what happens to their employers' pensions or Social Security, they have an income for life. Income taxes will climb because the size of government obligations will never shrink. Ten years of tax cuts and two wars have to be paid for by someone. Just not you.