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The Art of Selling Real Estate

The Art of Selling Real Estate

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In the wake of the housing collapse of 2008, the real estate business has never been more challenging. But for over 35 years--through up and down markets---Patricia Cliff, a Senior Vice President at The Corcoran Group, has been one of the most successful agents in the United States. In The Art of Selling Real Estate, Cliff offers a career's worth of practical advice that any agent can use right away. She explains how to build life-long relationships with clients as their trusted real estate advisor, by becoming the indispensable element in every real estate transaction--through the delivery of a consistent, authentic, remarkable high level of personalized service. Cliff's topics include: the art of the new soft sell; the necessity of selling the client on appropriate pricing; how to preserve the commission structure; how to dress up and optimally market properties; how to make money while you sleep by increasing your net worth with wise real estate investments; how to take your business to the next level with the creation and management of a successful real estate team; and how to create an exit strategy that will keep you relevant, involved and receiving a continued income flow as a rainmaker for your team.