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Don't Call Me a Guru: A Different Look at Real Estate Investing and the People Promoting it

Don't Call Me a Guru: A Different Look at Real Estate Investing and the People Promoting it

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If you are bothered by the inherent risk and instability that is so pervasive in the stock market or you have become wary of some financial advisor telling you to just stay the course and keep doing the same things while you watch your hard-earned savings disappear, then this is the book for you. Perhaps you are already considering real estate and rental properties as a more consistent, even lucrative, investment. The gurus on television or at heavily advertised seminars certainly claim that huge money can be made in this industry. It certainly can be, but not the way they represent. The truth is that most of them have made far more off their tape sets or appearance fees than they ever have in real estate. Sure, there are some tidbits of valuable information in their presentations, usually just enough to keep you wanting more. But, the sad reality is that most of their "foolproof systems" are nothing more than misleading rhetoric about how complicated this business is and barely veiled, high-pressure sales tactics to get you to continue to invest in their "expert" advice. This book is something very different. It is the gritty truth of how I, Sam Tunnell, learned hard life lessons and developed a sound understanding of business concepts early on through hardship and adversity. It is also the story of how I, and many others, have gained substantial wealth through real estate and rental properties using principles that anyone can apply. It describes a fairly simple process that, although it takes honest effort and some determination, requires surprisingly little startup capital, yet nets remarkable but realistic profits and can truly establish a firm financial foundation for you and your family. So, you can call on me in times of uncertainty, just... DON'T CALL ME A GURU! Author Sam Tunnell is CEO of HSM Investment Group in California.