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Part Time Selling: 90 Days to Online Success by Selling on eBay & Amazon

Part Time Selling: 90 Days to Online Success by Selling on eBay & Amazon

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Why is Part Time Selling: 90 Days to Online Success by Selling on eBay & Amazon one of the best books for learning to Sell on eBay and Amazon? Guidance, from start to success. NO fillers, NO fluff, just straight forward step by step information on how to become an eBay seller the right way. In Part Time Selling: 90 Days to Online Success by Selling on eBay & Amazon (PTS), each of the following topics are covered in detail. Experience online sales without the learning curve: You will gain experience fast without a lot of trial an error. PTS advises you on which paths to follow so the experience that you gain and end results will be a positive one. Product sourcing: Product sourcing is the #1 question for any eBay or Amazon seller, even experienced ones. Remove the frustration out of the product sourcing process by understanding what can be easily purchased for resale and what cannot. Figuring out what the top selling items on eBay and Amazon are and learn to adjust to the changing sales market. Shipping: Packaging, shipping options, and the little details that will make getting your customers order to their door in a efficient cost effective method. Money: Selling on eBay & Amazon is a business. Like any business, it requires money. Educate yourself about the the right finances that need to be in place, or you could fail fast. Customer service skills: Got an angry customer? Not sure how to make a happy customer a return customer? Follow the real life examples that I have outlined and make even your most upset a life long customer. Selling on eBay and Amazon is just like any other business. It requires knowledge, patience, and the right finances. Every day thousands of "would be online sellers" sign up for a service with absolutely no experience in online sales, product sourcing, shipping, money, or customer service skills. Browse through Amazon's web site and you will see hundreds of books for Selling on eBay. Many offer "quick profits" or "get rich" in the title. When it comes to selling on eBay, I am here to tell you there is no get rich quick scheme. Jumping on board the eBay and Amazon bandwagon with none of the above experiences is like playing the lottery. By investing your time and money into anything without the right guidance means your expectations will not be met. A carpenter needs years of skills before he or she can build a house. Buying a ratchet set does not qualify you to work on a car. Likewise, if you try selling on eBay with no guidance, you will most likely fail, even if you have the right tools at your disposal. The solution is finding the right guidance for Selling on eBay and Amazon. PTS is a book I wrote after 15 years of e-commerce and eBay sales experience. There have been high points and low points with my eBay sales in the early days. Now, there is no challenge I cannot handle. I can easily forecast eBay sales, source product, list the item correctly, ship it out fast, and manage any customer service situations that comes up. Like the skilled carpenter, there are no second guesses when it comes to eBay sales with me. How would you like to experience the same ease with your future eBay sales? It happens after a few solid months of sales experience founded with the right guidance. Jason Guarino is reachable! Do you have a question? Call, email, or text me. My contact details are on my web site.