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Oxford Essential English Dictionary

Oxford Essential English Dictionary

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The “Essential English Dictionary” is a dictionary that will help you with all your language queries and, with its special binding and slipcase, it is also a dictionary to cherish.
It has been created to be a helpful source of key information about the words you will meet today. It is compiled using the latest language data available, so you can be confident that the information is completely up to date and the focus is on contemporary words and meanings.
The meanings of words are explained in straightforward language, and example sentences and phrases are included where some context helps to make a meaning more clear or distinguish between different meanings of the same word. Words and phrases containing the entry word appear alongside that word, making them easy to find.
Pronunciations are given using a simple system that spells out how you would say the word. Extra notes highlight tricky-spellings and words that can be confused with one another, and give pointers to using English well.
Whether you are at school, in the office, or at home, the “Essential English Dictionary” will quickly provide vital answers to your questions about I English and will become a treasured possession.