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The Diary of a Journeyman : The Life and Times of the Past Century

The Diary of a Journeyman : The Life and Times of the Past Century

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Book Description The Diary of a Journeyman is the humorous and insightful memoir of Clarence Mitchell. Long an icon of northwestern Illinois, "Mitch," as he is affectionately known to his friends, was raised in Elizabeth and Mt. Morris Illinois somewhat in the manner of Huckleberry Finn.

Following numerous adventures, he was taken under the wing of journeymen printers, eventually joining their ranks and working his way up to Editorial Director at Kable Brothers.

From the pinnacle of his 97 years, Mitchell observed momentous changes in both the printing industry and American culture. He traveled widely, making friends wherever he went, and many of his anecdotes bring a chuckle. His experiences cover a wide expanse, from the Montana frontier where he associated with gunslingers and authentic cowboys to high society on the continent. No matter the location, Mitchell always maintained an acute interest in everything around him. Wanting to share his love of learning, he has become an avid supporter of Highland Community College and libraries. Clarence Mitchell is widely admired for his no-nonsense approach to issues and his tireless efforts on behalf of causes dear to his heart.