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The WetFeet Insider Guide to Bain & Company

The WetFeet Insider Guide to Bain & Company

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Bain & Co. is one of the top strategy consulting firms in the world. Like its brethren, McKinsey, BCG, Booz, and others, Bain serves leading companies by providing strategic advice and recommendations for dealing with business problems. What's the story behind this premier management consulting firm? The WetFeet Insider Guide on Bain & Company is jam-packed with information critical to your Bain interviewing research.

You'll learn:
  • What recent business bestsellers were penned by Bain partners?
  • What do employees love most and like least about working for Bain?
  • What are the average starting salaries for undergrads and MBAs at Bain?
  • What are some key reads and hot articles for my Bain research?
  • What are the new and exciting developments at Bain?
  • What is the culture like at Bain?
  • What is the recruiting process like, and what tips do Bain insiders offer to help you sail through your interviews?