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Guide to Britain's Working Past

Guide to Britain's Working Past

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Book DescriptionA fascinating photographic chronicle of Britain's industrial heritage.

Britain's landscape is rich with buildings and relics of the working lives of earlier generations. Organized by region, with inset maps and rich color photographs, Guide to Britain's Working Past provides visitors with excellent information on all the significant sites of Britain's industrial heritage, including travel, cost of admission, and hours of access.

Among the sites documented here are industrial, railway, and canal museums; factories and mills; coal mines, pottery factories, engines and engine houses; windmills and watermills; foundries and forges; canal locks and lifts; and unique curiosities such as the stone tramway at Haytor on Dartmoor or the Lace Museum in Nottingham.

With features on major regional specialties including the tin mines and steam engines of Cornwall, the windmills of Norfolk and the Fens, and the North Wales slate quarries, Guide to Britain's Working Past pays tribute to Britain's long and fascinating history of technological development. Color illustrations throughout.