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Misguided Loyalties: Corporate America In The 1990s

Misguided Loyalties: Corporate America In The 1990s

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Book DescriptionThe headlines have become so familiar they no longer seem newsworthy. Hundreds of men and women lose their jobs. Millions of dollars in stock become millions of lost dreams. Successful companies are needlessly destroyed by corporate leaders; men with families and luxurious lifestyles, who seem to "have it all" but still want more.

MISGUIDED LOYALITIES is the story of one such company. Justin Roberts is a Chicago wire salesman eager to make his mark in the exploding telecommunications industry. He believes he is in the right place at the right time when given the opportunity to grow with a new company riding the wave of the dot-com success. Hard-working and ambitious, he desires to give his young family the opportunities he never had. His mentor, Marty Benson, prides himself in being everyone’s "pal," as he eagerly unites with the wealthy and wellconnected Sherrill family to create another wire and cable empire. The potential is there for great success or disaster, because along with the power comes responsibility.

Ultimately, MISGUIDED LOYALITIES is about character. The inner qualities of honesty and loyalty that were at one time revered in this country are often absent in business today. Ambition and hard work may be noble attributes, but when motivated by self-centered greed, the damage inflicted ripples far beyond the inner circle of those involved.

Using the timeline of a real company, B. J. Swanson has created a fictional story of successful men who allowed greed andmisguided loyalties to destroy a solid company. Sher-Com rode the huge wave of dot-com success, but then ultimately crashed on the shores of corporate America.