The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Book DescriptionWhat are the real secrets to entrepreneurial success?

If you were to ask just about any expert this question, the usual response would be to have a well-written business plan and a good source of financing. But even with a professionally written plan and a good source of financing established, most businesses still fail within the first few years. Why is this so?

There is so much more to learn and understand about having a successful business than simply having a good plan, a source of financing and an excellent location. An entrepreneur, to be successful, must sharpen his mind and renew his way of thinking to approach such a life-altering journey. Before you apply for loans and seek out the best location for your business, it is critical to know how you are built, your reasons for being in business, what motivates you and a host of other factors, in order to accomplish all that your heart desires for your life. Entrepreneurs are creative and innovative, both in business andin life. They know and understand the rigors associated with running a successful business. They have calculated and minimized the risks involved to both start and grow a business well in advance. They have tapped into their entrepreneurial spirit to guide them in each phase of their development to ensure their success.

In this book you will discover:

• The true meaning of the entrepreneurial spirit and why it exists • How to properly assess your desires and develop your entrepreneurial mind • How to receive guidance from a supernatural source to intervene on your behalf to aid in your endeavors • The tools that any entrepreneur must wield in order to have real success • The principles and characteristics of a successful entrepreneur that will add value to your life in every area imaginable • How to guarantee your success—no matter what