Life's A Journey, Not A Sprint

Life's A Journey, Not A Sprint

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Book DescriptionDo you want to unlock the secrets to realizing your dreams in the face of personal and professional setbacks and challenges? Would you like to resolve your issues relating to relationships, careers, finances, or family matters—when you’re running on all cylinders?

Join veteran reporter Jennifer Lewis-Hall as she shows you how to attain success even when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Discover the keys to attaining fulfillment in all areas of your life and moving beyond the barriers that can hold you back. This book provides an invigorating and fresh new perspective, offering key strategies showing you how to enrich your inner being and achieve all that you can as you strive to achieve your goals.

Some of these key strategies include:

• breaking down barriers in the workplace to maximize your potential;

• attaining the inside scoop on what to say to your bosses and how to rise up the corporate ladder;

• unleashing the connection between mind and body with stress-busting techniques and health tips to excel in and out of the workplace; and

• balancing home, work, and family obligations to build more productive relationships and help you succeed as you progress on your life’s path.

Offering amazing words of wisdom, positive affirmations, and expert advice, this is a book that will enhance your life in myriad ways and help you realize your dreams without sacrificing love and happiness!