I Hate Financial Planning

I Hate Financial Planning

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Book Description

The essentials of personal financial management in a painless, easy-to-follow format

". . . [this] site offers a light touch to a topic that can be bogged down in heavyhanded advice."

--Investor's Business Daily

Three in four Americans hate financial planning, calling it tedious, boring, intimidating, and confusing. I Hate Financial Planning speaks to these people with a refreshing attitude for straightening out their finances. Engaging and humorous, it provides investors with a welcome change of pace from the standard dry, serious tome as it gives them:

  • Everything from essential information to witty, tongue-in-cheek tips
  • Work sheets and checklists for busy readers
  • Answers to some of the most common financial questions
  • Practical tools for planning short- and long-term finances
  • The truth behind numerous well-known-- and dangerously wrong--financial myths