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Fish! Tales : Real-Life Stories to Help You transform Your Workplace and Your Life

Fish! Tales : Real-Life Stories to Help You transform Your Workplace and Your Life

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Amazon.com Fish! Tales is Stephen C. Lundin, John Christensen, and Harry Paul's follow-up to Fish! --their enormously popular fable that draws lessons aimed at combating dysfunctional workplaces from the happy fishmongers at Seattle's Pike Place Market. In Fish! Tales the authors show how these lessons were put into practice at businesses both big (a major hospital and long-distance carrier) and small (a local car dealership and roofing company). Anyone who enjoyed Fish! (or, for that matter, Who Moved My Cheese? ) or is looking for a motivational tool to help energize their own workplace, should find this short, upbeat primer worthwhile. --Harry C. Edwards Book DescriptionFor the first time onCD, FISH! TALES offersexciting, dramatic real-life stories of how companies and individuals apply the Fish! Philosophy to boost morale and improve the quality of their businesses and lives. How can workplaces that seem to have little in common with a fish market duplicate its amazing energy? FISH! TALES takes you to organizations that are applying the fish market's wisdom on ways that meet their unique needs and goals. The audio features four real-life stories to help you 'reel' in new possibilities. When people read about the re-energized organizations in FISH! TALES, they will see how to 'throw' the same kind of teamwork, service and commitment into their workplace, and their life!Download DescriptionFISH! told the story of a fictional company that transformed itself by applying lessons learned from Seattle's famous Pike Place Fish Market. Now, with FISH! TALES, readers can learn how real-life businesses and individuals energized their workplaces--and their lives--by implementing the lessons from FISH!. Best of all, the book stands on its own for newcomers to the FISH! philosophy. FISH! TALES focuses on diverse companies such as a bustling Sprint regional customer service center, a quiet neurosurgical unit at a major hospital, and a brilliant car dealership. It features dozens of short takes--quick and easy ways to apply the FISH! philosophy right now. And it includes a detailed program with specific steps and action plans.