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Economic Security For A Better World (International Labor Office)

Economic Security For A Better World (International Labor Office)

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This volume provides a vivid picture of the emerging trends and patterns of economic security across the world. Drawing on a global database of national statistical indicators on social and labor policies, as well as information from surveys of households and enterprises, this book examines the extent of economic and social insecurity people face today.

To provide a coherent global picture, the book includes a series of national economic security indexes, covering each of the seven forms of labor security (income, labor market, employment, work, skills, job, and voice representation) as well as a composite Economic Security Index. The book also offers a contextual analysis of factors associated with globalization and how they have affected economic and social security.

The topic of economic security has resonance all over the world and with people from all social and economic backgrounds. This volume sheds light on the current situation and considers a range of innovative and emerging policies that hold promise for future improvement of economic and social security.