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The World Economy : Resources, Location, Trade and Development (4th Edition)

The World Economy : Resources, Location, Trade and Development (4th Edition)

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Book DescriptionThis book provides a sound theoretical and practical foundation for understanding the global economy in an era of shifting borders, restructuring economies, and regional realignments. It combines economic theory with geography in addressing critical problems of growth, distribution, and development, and to explain their impact on international business. Recent geopolitical changes are vividly portrayed in a series of superb full color maps and striking photographs. Chapter topics cover globalization of the world economy: an introduction, population and the world economy, resources and environment, transportation and communications in world economy, world agriculture and rural land use, urban land use: theory and practice, cities as retail and service centers, industrial location: firms, industrial location: world regions, and international business: dynamics, world patterns, and development. For professionals of the 21st century who want to better appreciate and grasp international as well as American economic issues—and their interconnectedness—through a potent blend of geography, economics, business, and politics.