The Power of Having Desire

The Power of Having Desire

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Book DescriptionThe Power of Having Desire teaches you how to emulate the people you admire, do new things, and live the life you dream of--even if you don't think you can.

Most of us already know the basics of success--self-belief, purpose, action, discipline, and perseverance. So why aren't we all doing the things we would like to do and living the lives we want? This book teaches yoo too...

*Stop fear and insecurity from crippling your potential.
*Put an end to procrastination.
*Use habit and routine to work for you.
*Benefit from the world's wisest mentors.
*Use your most valuable natural resource.

What would you love to accomplish? Bruce paints a revealing portrait of what it takes to accelerate success or create it ina new area. He'll help you understand that you were born gifted and talented, and can do anything you passionately desire.

In a most intriguing, motivational seminar-in-a-book way, Bruce shares the key secret to all success, and guides you to discover your unique life's mission--an how you can live it.

Read this extroardinarily brilliant book and you'll learn how to transform your potential capabilities into talents--and create a richer, more fulfilling life.