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Microeconomics: Theory & Applications, 8th Edition Update

Microeconomics: Theory & Applications, 8th Edition Update

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Book DescriptionWith this new, less expensive Value Edition of Browning & Zupan’s Microeconomics: Theory & Applications, you get a rich array of everyday-life microeconomic applications and clear explanations of theoretical concepts, at one great price. But that’s not all. This Value Edition also features: New Excel-based tutorials that will help you improve your grades
A registration code packaged inside this text gives you access to new Excel-based tutorials. These tutorials guide you through key microeconomic topics with interactive graphs and charts, integrated help boxes, and page references to the text for further review. 20 new real-life applications (for a total of over 140 applications!) These applicationshelp make microeconomics interesting, relevant, and easier to understand. New applications include: Why State and Local Policymakers Are Not Fond of Online and Catalog Commerce, The Economics Behind Anti-War Protests, Making Telemarketers Pay, an d more!