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Exploring Strategic Change

Exploring Strategic Change

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Book DescriptionThe second edition of Exploring Strategic focuses on the implementation of organizational change and the management of organizational transitions. It seeks to move beyond the formulation of strategy by taking the planning stage through toimplementation. The first half of the book introduces a framework, the change kaleidoscope, which can be used to develop the most appropriate implementation approach for a particular organizational context. The second half of the text focuses on managingthe transition.

Representing a departure from the notion that change management can be a formulaic and linear process, Exploring Strategic Change approaches the topic with originality by focusing on the fundamental importance of context-specific analysis. The text takes the reader through the change process from the examination of context and the diagnosis of needs through the stages of transition and transference to a tangible reality. Practical examples and illustrations apply the concepts to actual organizational change issues.

The reader is encouraged to develop their "change judgment"- the ability to understand what is critical about a certain change context and, therefore, what is and is not possible as part of an implementation approach.Ideally suited for upper level undergraduate and postgraduate students on HRM and Strategy-based modules covering the management of change. Published in the Exploring Corporate Strategy series, the book can be used either as a stand-alone text or as a complement to other titles in the series.