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Tomorrow People: Future Consumers and How to Read Them

Tomorrow People: Future Consumers and How to Read Them

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Book DescriptionThe future is a profit stream waiting to happen, but it takes careful observation and anticipation to make it flow your way. This book is a snapshot of tomorrow's consumers. The world they will inhabit, the lifestyles and values they willadopt and the ways they will shop. Sooner or later every brand has to interact with tomorrow's people, so how do you equip yourself for such a world. By understanding the nature of trends, their dynamics or science, we can not only learn to see them, butalso how to map them and use them to generate products, brands and services for tomorrow's consumers. It's all about behavior. It's not about dead data. In a provocative and insightful view of how emerging lifestyles and cultural changes are likely to impact on tomorrow's consumers,

Martin Raymond alerts you to new consumer behavior patterns and teaches you to read a market and be ready to deliver exactly what your customers want. This book will help you to read trends, interpret the discoveries that you make and plug them back into your business in a way that makes it more future-facing and consumer-centric. Learn to do this and you can interact with your customers rather than react to them. You can build a truly tactile brand. In a world where tomorrow's answers no longer lie in yesterday's data, learn how to read people rather than reports. About the author: Martin Raymond is Editor of Viewpoint magazine (trend bible for the design and advertising industry) and co-founder of the Future Laboratory, a leading futures consultancy.