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The Strategy Reader

The Strategy Reader

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Made up of many classic articles, this popular Strategy Reader provides a remarkable overview of continuing debates in the field of strategic management. In an extended introduction, the editor gives an overview of the development of the field of strategic management. Introductions to each section explain the thinking in each article.The second edition retains many of the classic readings from the previous edition, including those by Porter, Mintzberg, Grant, Hamel and Prahalad, while adding more recent top-quality articles by prominent international scholars such as Teece, Pascale, Bartlett and Ghoshal, Shapiro, Hitt and Ireland, Miller, and Birkinshaw. Topics covered by these new readings include ethics in strategy, corporate social responsibility, dynamic capabilities, managing strategic change, modularity in products and organisations, corporate parenting, diversification and performance, strategic alliances, evolution of the transnational, chaos/complexity theory and strategic failure.Designed to be used with any major textbook, The Strategy Reader will provide the basic structure for any course in strategic management. It will appeal to students and to managers seeking to broaden their understanding of the strategic issues facing their organization.
2 edition