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Business Growth Strategies for Asia Pacific

Business Growth Strategies for Asia Pacific

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"Readers will find this book useful as a guide to understanding Asian business from both the macroscopic and microscopic standpoints.... Any company that wishes to win in Asia must properly develop and train its managers to think strategically and to execute effectively. This book is one of the best available to help serve this purpose."
--Koh Boon Hwee, Chairman, Singapore Airlines

"This book's comprehensive and insightful coverage on business growth strategies for Asia Pacific makes it one of the best practitioner's guides. Stan Shih, one of the most respectful entrepreneurs of our time, has joined force with Dr. Willie Chien and Dr. Po-Young Chu to share their valuable experiences with those who wish to develop their business in Asia. The methodology proposed by the authors to analyze the complex competitive conditions and subtle cultural factors related to Asian market provides enormous help for international companies, either Western or Asian, to plan and to execute their business strategies for Asia."
--Dr Morris Chang, Chairman and CEO, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC)

"In this book, the authors have used numerous examples and case studies from a broad range of industries to highlight the critical importance of defining a strategy for Asia with local market characteristics. Where they have excelled is in their systematic use of analytical models to describe the complex business environment. I believe that the readers will unlock the value of this book when they start following the models proposed to plan for their Asia Pacific business strategy."
--Jim Morgan, Chairman and CEO, Applied Materials

"Drawing on the considerable experience of two of Asia Pacific's successful practitioners, this work is a compelling business map for anyone wanting to engage in business in Asia Pacific and a necessary part of the tool-kit of the asian specialist laying out a path to success in this dynamic part of our world."
--Armin Meyer, Chairman and CEO, Ciba Specialty Chemicals