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Communication Highwire: Leveraging the Power of Diverse Communication Styles

Communication Highwire: Leveraging the Power of Diverse Communication Styles

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Book DescriptionWorld-class intercultural trainers share their strategies, techniques and most importantly their tools for teaching how communication styles affect group success. Learn how to leverage staff diversity in the modern workplace.

Increasing mobility, globalization, entrepreneurialism, access to information and freedom of choice ensure that no matter where we live or what we do, we deal with people using a wide variety of communication styles every day. At work, in the grocery store and at home, face-to-face, on the phone and online, miscommunication is costly in terms of wasted time, frustration and error. Diversity presents such rich opportunities, yet too often we find ourselves managing around it, compensating for and feeling stymiedby it. The wealth of practical tools in this book will enable readers to better understand the intentions of the key people in their lives and will give them a step-by-step approach for making the most of differences. This book is designed to help managers, team leaders, community leaders, educators, trainers and organization development facilitators to help their respective audiences overcome frustration and save time and money—by realizing the opportunity presented by diversity. By using the toolspresented in this book readers can leverage communication style differences for successful outcomes.

Communication Highwire includes: · A training program between covers. Many of the tools the authors use in their practice are here: an at-a-glance overview of the key "differences that make a difference" in cross-cultural communication, more than 30 activities with all the handouts—ready to go with minimal preparation. · Over 50 stories about everything from international business and politics to community development and interactions between friends and family members provide opportunity for the reader to apply the content to his or her own life.

This is the first book to take the study of communication past superficial descriptions of different styles (e.g. direct vs. indirect) and demonstrate how to understand and use communication style differences for productivity and satisfaction.