You've Got the Interview Now What? Fortune 500 Hiring Professionals Tell You How to Get Hired

You've Got the Interview Now What? Fortune 500 Hiring Professionals Tell You How to Get Hired

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Book DescriptionEconomic uncertainty, a flat market, and corporate downsizing have created an enormous pool of talented job candidates and allowed interviewers to be more selective than ever before. In the past, one or two interviews per candidate were the norm. Now firms average five to ten interviews with an applicant before making a hiring decision.

You’ve Got the Interview…Now What? is a companion to Brenda Greene’s popular book, Get the Interview Every Time. A one-of-a-kind guide for interviewees, this book is based on a survey of Fortune 500 hiring managers and human resource executives who reveal the "inside scoop" on how they size up their candidates. Readers will learn first-hand from Fortune 500 companies-such as TIAA-CREF, Medco Health Solutions, Deere & Company, Engelhard, Jabil Circuit, Baxter International, Continental Airlines, Office Depot, and others-a wealth of tips and strategies for acing the interview and getting the job.

Author Greene gives job seekers critical insights into every step of the interview process-creating a lasting first impression, exhibiting the personal qualities most important to employers, handling a committee review, negotiating sticky salary issues, and determining the standard timeframe (from receipt of a resume to the last interview) for filling a position.

You’ve Got the Interview…Now What?> shows job seekers at all levels how to create that meeting of the minds that’s the hallmark of a successful interview. No other career guide on the market offers this quality, depth, and inside information to help interviewees outshine their competition.


Job seekers will learn:

•How to research the company before putting a foot in the door

•What kinds of questions interviewers are likely to ask

•What questions an interviewee must ask

•How to handle multiple rounds of interviews